Customer Care Policy

Our member promise

FIT HQ strives to provide exceptional service to all of our members and to create and maintain a positive customer culture where you are a member, not a number. We are committed in supporting our members so that they achieve their health and fitness goals. We endeavor to grow and sustain relationships between staff and members so that we can inspire each other. 

We are constantly seeking to improve our standards and our service. Any feedback on your visit or experience at FIT HQ would be welcomed.


Our aim is that your complaint should be resolved as quickly as possible by our team members who have the right experience and authority to help you. We endeavor to respond to your enquiry, feedback and/or complaint within 5 working days and if your query can’t be answered immediately, we will ensure you are kept up to date with any progress.

How to contact us

The best place to contact us is inside the club. Please feel free to raise any concerns with any member of staff there. If they can’t help immediately, they’ll be able to point you in the direction of our Customer Relations Manager or anyone else that will be able to help you further.

You can speak directly with the team at the club, phone us or e-mail us.

What if you’re still not happy?

If you’re not fully satisfied with how we’ve dealt with your problem, we want to hear about it. You may contact the Club General Manager so they can help and investigate and address your concerns.

Health Screening

The new member customer care policy involves us reviewing all of our members training program to make sure that the training you are doing achieves the goals you have set out for this year. The way we review this is through a 15-20 minute assessment with 1 of our fitness advisors who will measure you on the TANITA scale (The TANITA scale not only measures your weight but it tells you and us how healthy you are on the inside such as your metabolic age or how old you are on the inside, your body percentage, muscle mass and even your water percentage.) We then review what you are doing in the gym and give you recommendations or suggest other options so it gives you the best chance of achieving your goals. We aim to do this for you when you first sign up, after 6 weeks from your joining date, after 12 weeks from your joining date and then every year completely free of charge for you.