What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a combination of training formats derived from gymnastics, Olympic weight lifting and cardiovascular fitness. These methods of training are functional, constantly varied and performed at relatively high intensities. So what you have is a training regime that when pieced together becomes the ultimate functional strength, core and conditioning training program.

How Fit H.Q. can help you forge elite fitness:

At Fit H.Q. we are CrossFit affiliated as “CrossFit Macarthur” and have a 520m², purpose built strength and conditioning indoor arena (called a CrossFit Box) with regularly run CrossFit classes. Our instructors are all CrossFit certified and most importantly, are committed to helping you become a fitter and healthier person!

CrossFit is not easy, but it is fun and performed in group classes. The programs are also tailored to suit everybody’s levels of skill, strength and fitness so challenge beginners to the elite alike.

At CrossFit Macarthur, our training schedule is designed to not only improve performance but also to enhance everyday life. So why not join us as a part of the ultimate functional training team today?

Check out our CrossFit Macarthur website for more information about CrossFit, our class timetable and about our CrossFit trainers!

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