Member Story - Nora Burgess

What an AMAZING member story! Nora you are an inspiration. From attending Physiotherapy and our CARE classes through REHAB HQ to attending regular group fitness classes and personal training sessions, Nora has really taken advantage of all the services we have and she has achieved fantastic results from it! Since starting in February Nora has achieved the following results:

Total Weight loss = 30.9 kg
Metabolic age = Was 81 when she started now 52! (her biological age is 67)
Visceral fat = Was 17 and now 9

Here is Nora's story:

"Hi My Name is Nora Burgess and this is my FITHQ success story. I started at FITHQ in February this year weighing 91.5kg. I began with physio at Rehab HQ and it was here that I started to begin my fitness journey. I decided that when I joined the gym that I would pay upfront for a 12 month membership so I was committed to making a difference to my health and wellbeing. At the beginning I couldn't last 3 minutes on the treadmill. Slowly with Ryan and Andrews’s encouragement I increased my time on the treadmill each week by a minute. I also first began classes by participating in the Rehab Care classes each week. I would turn up to each class and know that I had challenges ahead. I couldn't get down on the floor at the start. 'I would struggle to get down and struggle to get back up'. Ryan would tell me 'Yes you can keep going Nora'. From that point on there was no stopping me.

After having a fitness assessment with Maryanne FITHQ Sales Consultant, I then started my first BODYPUMP class with Korin. At this point I couldn't do most of the moves but the instructors provided me simple options that got me through every class. I now not only participate in Care classes but I include BODYPUMP, BODYBALANCE and ZUMBA into my weekly training regime. To mix things up and keep on top of my results I also stepped into Personal training sessions with Tim and from there I learned effective exercises I use to train myself on the floor with weights, TRX and cardio. To ensure I made sure I was doing my best at home I also attended nutrition classes with Andrew Cooke at FITHQ to learn the best ways to fuel my body effectively to achieve great results in combination with my training at the gym. 9 months on from the day I walked into FITHQ I now weigh 64kg at 64 years of age. I am so proud of my progress and so are my children.

I want to say thank you to all the professionals at FITHQ who have helped me get to this point of success and those who continue to keep me on the right path each week. My word to describe FITHQ and what their staff has given me is 'Encouragement'. Without the gym, the guidance and personal support I could not of done this alone."