Get to know your FIT HQ Instructors - 5 minutes with FITHQ's Korin Koutsomihalis

Every month we'll be getting to know our Group Fitness Instructors! This month our Group Fitness Manager takes the lead and tells us a little bit about herself.

5 minutes with FITHQ's Korin Koutsomihalis

Fitness Qualifications/programs:
Lesmills Body Attack, Body Pump, Cxworx, Grit, Body Step, Body Combat, Body Balance, Rpm, Freestyle cycle, Zumba, yoga & Pilates.

Fitness Achievements:
Elite Body Attack Instructor, Presented with Body attack Sydney workshop Team Summer 2014 & Advanced Body Pump Instructor.

Work outside of Instructing:
I'm a permanent Primary school teacher in Western Sydney. I've been teaching for 9 years and also work for Lesmills Asia Pacific as part of their assessing team for Body Attack, Body Pump, Grit & Cxworx.

Something about Korin you may not know?
I have a great love for horses. I have 2 heavy horses that I am currently breaking in to ride and show locally in led, ridden & long reining draft horse classes.

Favourite things I love to do....
Enjoy a strong coffee, quality time with my family, go shopping, horse riding & listening to iTunes music when I'm not learning Lesmills tracks.

Hot tip for Fitness results:
Keep things realistic & achievable. Enjoy working out but don't live to workout. Leave room to spend time with family, enjoy life's little pleasures and eat healthy not too ridged. Basically workout frequently & eat sensibly & results will definitely show.

Wests and FIT HQ Lifestyle Markets

Wests and FIT HQ are holding an indoor 'market' style exhibition from 10am - 2pm on Saturday 28th November in the Wests Leagues Club Auditorium.

The markets will showcase lifestyle, health and well-being businesses within the Macarthur region. There will be exclusive promotions, discounts and lucky door prizes on the day!

Entry is free to all members and guests with the event to include an eclectic range of exhibitors comprising of, but not limited to; health foods, supplements, fitness classes, demonstrations, apparel, insurance and physiotherapy plus much more.

The lifestyle markets aim is to educate the community on positive lifestyle choices and ultimately encourage a healthier local community.

A sneak peek at some of our exhibitors include; Athletes Foot, Australian Hearing, Bupa, Centric Dental Views, Doterra, Helloworld, Lighthouse, Lily anne designs, Serene Body, Soccajoeys, Vitamin King and of course Wests and FIT HQ!

Benefits of training in the morning by Julie FIT HQ GFI

Do you train at night?

Are you tired of fighting the traffic to get to class on time?

Did you suddenly have to work late so there goes your workout again?

Here are some benefits to training in the morning:

Jumpstart your metabolism
Get your engine up and running as soon as possible. Working out in the morning increases your metabolism and keeps it elevated for hours, so you're still burning calories even sitting at your desk.

Gives you energy
Do a class first thing in the morning to release endorphins that will give you a boost that lasts all day.

Increases mental awareness
Working out increases your mental acuity for up to 10 hours after exercise. Be ready for whatever your boss throws at you.

Now if you combine these benefits with those of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) short bursts of intense work followed by recoveries, like we have in RPM, using both the Aerobic and Anaerobic energy systems for maximum calorie burn and the fastest path to fitness you'll have the perfect workout.

So come and see me on Wednesday mornings at 6:00am and let me and RPM set you up for a great day.

Julie - FIT HQ GFI