It's Wests' Shout!


It’s Wests’ Shout – Offer Extended!

At the Wests Group of Clubs we are grateful for the members and guests that visit our Clubs every day and therefore, would like to reward each and every one of you! 

'It's Wests' Shout' - your second drink is on Wests, every day, until 31st August 2016*! Available at Wests Leagues ClubWests Tennis ClubCountry Club Camden Valley and Lakeside Golf Club Camden

Due to popular demand we have extended our offer! To qualify you simply need to become a Member of the Wests Group of Clubs in August 2016. Simply complete a Membership Application Form and submit to reception today!

For existing Wests members, you simply need to update your details online or visit Wests League Club reception today, during the month of August 2016. Please note this could take up to 24 hours to update. 

For more information visit the Wests League Club Website.

Healthy Living Approved Menu

The Wests Group Executive Chef, Graham Krueger, and the FIT HQ Accredited Dietician, Sally Jo-Hsin Juan, have teamed up to develop a Healthy Living Menu.

There are seven items to choose from, with each meal coming with a complete breakdown to ensure you are sticking to your daily macros and not exceeding your calories limits!

The menu is available exclusively at Wests League Club in Leumeah for Lunch and Dinner evey day. 

Don't forget about all of the great benefits of becoming a member of the Wests Group of Clubs today:

- Automatic membership into Wests 4 Clubs,

- 15% discount on all food and drinks at each Club,

- 15% discount on a range of selected shows, entertainment and events at each club,

- A chance to WIN $10,000 in our members public holiday badge draws,

- The opportunity to participate in their weekly members bade draws up to $10,000,

- Access to a collection of distinct restaurants and eateries,

- Exclusive access to an assortment of frequent members promotions,

- The ability to sign in up to four guests,

- The opportunity to earn reward points for all transactions in the Club, that can be redeemed for in-house purchases,

- Access to exculsive offers for the Tennis competitions and events, and

- Entry into the Club during operating hours (visitors can not access the club after 11:30).

Goal Setting Tips


When planning your goals, it is important to also write down the strategies you are going to implement in order to achieve those goals.

Your goals should always be S.M.A.R.T.

  • Specific
    Be specific! There are specific actions to take to reach the goal. Clearly state what is to be achieved, by whom, where and when

  • Measureable
    Make sure your goal is measurable! You know how much to do, how often and when the goal has to be achieved.

  • Actionable
    Take action to achieve goal(s)! Set yourself up to achieve.

  • Realistic
    Be realistic and relevant! The goal is practical, given your resources and time.

  • Time-based
    Have a time frame! Set a specific time frame to achieve the goal.

Remember to reward yourself after completing each goal as you deserve it! Take the time to write down the following:

  1. Your overall goal

  2. Your goal in 1 month

  3. Your goal in 6 months

  4. Your goal in 12 months


Finally it is also important to record any obstacles you have that may defer you from achieving your goals as well as recording your support network. Take the time to write down the following:

  1. What obstacles stand in the way of achieving your goal?

  2. How will you address the obstacle if/when they arise?

  3. Who is in your support network? Write down their name and relationship to you.

  4. How will you communicate with them?


If you need any help setting or achieving your goals, contact us today and we'll give you the helping hand you may need.