Every month we'll be getting to know our Group Fitness Instructors! This month GFI Bill Visintin tells us a little bit about himself.


Fitness Qualifications/programs: 
Certified RPM cycle instructor and completed the AIM1 course (Advanced instructor module 1).

A little about me:
I started out about 12 years ago – I just wish I had started a decade earlier!
Group fitness is a casual job for me. My full time day job is accounting – which means sitting behind a desk for 8-9 hours a day. The sedentary day job and heart-racing cycling work complement each other perfectly and balances out my day. 
The favourite part of my cycling work- I am always impressed to see a parent and their teenage child rock up together to do a class with the parent role modelling the health & fitness lifestyle . . . and most times mum or dad are the fitter one, much to the child’s surprise I think! 

Some other interests of mine, past and present:
I used to Scuba dive & kayak, a lot! My most memorable dive trip involved island hopping on a small plane in the Solomon Islands, landing on a grass paddock, then boarding a motorised canoe to cross a huge lagoon to get to Uepi Island, for a week of incredible diving in remote paradise . . . and there’s nothing like a few crashing coconuts on the cabin roof at night to give you a jolt!
These days I am spending my leisure time at the gym but have some great travel excursions whenever I can. I have travelled heaps and want to see so much more of this world, new places, people, cultures, experiences! Whale watching is a particular passion of mine- Fraser Island was a dream come true for that . . . and one last bit of trivia . . . a concert in the Royal Albert Hall, London, is on my bucket list!