Every month we'll be getting to know our Group Fitness Instructors! This month GFI Christine Chin tells us a little bit about herself.


Fitness Qualifications/programs: 
Tai & Qigong Professional Group Instructor, Kung Fu Instructor, Zumba  & Zumba Gold Instructor, Certificate III in Fitness 

Christine's story: 
Christine holds qualifications as a Tai Chi Group Fitness Instructor and Zumba Basic and Zumba Gold instructor. An ex-University lecturer in Pathophysiology at Western Sydney University for more than 15 years, now turned Tai Chi/Qigong instructor, hails from a family of Kung Fu martial artists. She is the disciple of 11th generation Yang and Chen Style masters Michael Chu and Sue Chang of Tai Chi Fitness Australia (TCFA) whose styles descended from the infamous Chen Tai Chi Family in China. She has over 15 years of Tai Chi experience and currently instructs Yang Style Tai Chi and Qigong classes regularly around Sydney including FitHQ. 

Christine specialises in helping all age groups especially older adult and rehabilitation programs. She aims to help her participants build confidence and self esteem, enjoy the process and achieve a workout which has a positive effect on their health. She uses her knowledge of Pathophysiology to guide participants in the improvement of their health through prevention of health breakdown and through the relaxing and rejuvenating effects of Tai Chi/Qigong. She believes that it is her responsibility to get the best out of all her participants and enjoys the challenge of instructing and connecting with people. Teaching in different gyms around Sydney keeps Chris on her toes, and she loves working with people inspiring them to keep fit and healthy and to look forward to coming back to her classes.

Interests outside of work:
Her other interests outside of fitness are fashion, cooking and playing musical instruments and being with her adorable pets. Loves table tennis, squash and badminton. Chris's work schedule keeps her busy but she loves to chill out and enjoys pursuing her love of the creative arts, writing and learning languages.

Fun Fact:
She loves experimenting with different fashion styles at leisure; experimenting with healthy recipes; playing the piano and drums at leisure.